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Month: March 2018

lasik in Dubai

What Are The Conditions That Could Make Lasik Treatment Unsuitable

Many people worry about pre-existing medical conditions and think that laser eye surgery may not be a viable option. There are some conditions that could make you an unsuitable candidate, however, the expertise of surgeons matter in this case to determine if certain medical conditions would make you unsuitable for Read More…

Do You Have Aging Eyes? Will Lasik Treatment Work

Your 30s are a peak time because the prescription stabilizes; the eyes are not dry and are generally healthy. From 38 to 48 you will notice a big change, you may start to hold things closer or further away. This is the start to aging eyes which is also referred Read More…

lasik in Dubai

Conjunctivitis – Causes and Symptoms

Conjunctivitis often referred to as red eye causes inflammation and redness of the conjunctiva. It is a common eye condition that affects people all over the world. Aside from the redness, it can cause itchiness, stickiness and watering of the eye. The condition is caused by a bacterial or viral Read More…

lasik in Dubai

The Cost Of Lasik Treatment

There’s no shortage of the discounts and special deals you hear of online everyday. The same is true for laser eye surgery. There’s a smothering of companies who let you know that you can get the same for less. Now, while we all love getting things for free, there are Read More…