Many people worry about pre-existing medical conditions and think that laser eye surgery may not be a viable option. There are some conditions that could make you an unsuitable candidate, however, the expertise of surgeons matter in this case to determine if certain medical conditions would make you unsuitable for laser eye surgery.

Corneal issues

Expert eye surgeons state that 99% of people are suited for Lasik treatment as a result of advanced technology. Patients with corneal issues may find themselves unsuited for surgery. Insufficient corneal tissue can lead to the surgeon’s inability to treat the full prescription. Eye conditions which include Keratoconus can cause weak spots in your cornea making it difficult to carry on with Lasik procedure.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

It is best that pregnant women delay having laser eye surgery. Eye doctors recommend that women should wait until they have the baby and finish breastfeeding to consider Lasik treatment in Dubai.

This is not to say that patients with eye disease cannot have laser eye surgery. You can still be a good candidate for Lasik in Dubai, as long as it has not affected the cornea. In addition, have a surgeon check on it to ensure that it is safe for you to go ahead with the procedure.

Other health conditions

Conditions such as arthritis and diabetes make laser eye surgery more difficult, but it does not completely rule out Lasik treatment. Under the expert care of a high quality clinic, most people despite their medical history can have successful Lasik treatment in Dubai.

For the majority, however, Lasik in Dubai will turn out to be a successful procedure. It will give you a second chance at life to experience the world as clearly as everyone else!