Your 30s are a peak time because the prescription stabilizes; the eyes are not dry and are generally healthy. From 38 to 48 you will notice a big change, you may start to hold things closer or further away. This is the start to aging eyes which is also referred to as Presbyopia. The easiest solution to aging eyes is wearing glasses, however, this is an inconvenience to many people. You have to constantly carry them around in your bag or sometimes wear it around the neck. People don’t need to struggle with wearing reading glasses and can eliminate the need for them through more effective alternatives.

A unique Lasik treatment in Dubai, Laser Blended Vision was developed to treat this very condition. It corrects both near and far distance vision. Let’s look at the benefits of Lasik in Dubai.

– Eyeglass wearers no longer need to worry about wearing glasses, bifocals or verifocals

– The procedure corrects both distances, near and far vision

– It is a minimally invasive treatment

– Suitable for 97% of patients

While it is important to look after your eyes at any age, it is imperative that you are aware of your overall eye health as you get older. First, start off with making lifestyle changes, for instance, incorporate Omega 3 into your diet, stop smoking and wear sunglasses to prevent harmful UV rays that can affect your eyes.

You should visit your eye doctor yearly once you reach the age of 40. Have a comprehensive eye examination and a proper screening to assess your reading prescription.

Lasik in Dubai is the best alternative to treat presbyopia. The surgery is precise, quick and safe with fast recovery. Patients can get back to a regular routine within 24 hours of laser eye surgery. Your eye surgeon may recommend that you avoid makeup and swimming for at least two weeks post surgery.