There’s no shortage of the discounts and special deals you hear of online everyday. The same is true for laser eye surgery. There’s a smothering of companies who let you know that you can get the same for less. Now, while we all love getting things for free, there are some things you should not compromise on, like for instance, the quality treatment of Lasik in Dubai.

Yes, laser eye surgery is more affordable than before, but it doesn’t mean that you can have the surgery for peanuts. You cannot and should not be fooled by flashy campaigns and photo-shopped images of beautiful men and women. This is particularly true when the results are not what you expected and the fees keep racking up.

To avoid falling choosing a discounted surgery, here are some things to consider when looking at the cost of Lasik treatment.

Higher prescriptions

Generally speaking, the higher the prescription the costlier the surgery. Just to be clear, the treatment time is the same, but more work may be needed in the screening and preparation process. Some eye clinics are clear on the steps of the procedure, while others hide the fact.

Experienced surgeon

The level of expertise and experience of the surgeon may vary from one clinic to another. Some surgeons may specialize in certain conditions and for this reason the cost may be higher with an expert eye doctor than a surgeon at another clinic.

Old VS new technology

Some clinics may use older technology instead of more modern techniques. In such instances, the cost can be considerably less than a clinic that uses the newest technology and modern equipment. It is up to the patient to decide which clinic they would prefer to have their eyes operated on. Is it the clinic using the strictest safety protocols and quality control? Or the one using older techniques offering special deals?

The final decision needs to be made by the patient on whether it is worth compromising on the quality of Lasik treatment for discounted rates and deals.