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Month: November 2017

Why People Are Afraid Of Lasik And Why You Don’t Need To Be

Your eyes are one of the most important senses, undergoing surgical procedure on your eyes are bound to be frightening to most. If you are afraid of the procedure, we give you reasons why you shouldn’t be. Understanding the procedure Before going in for Lasik treatment, take some time to Read More…

Top Truths About Lasik Treatment

If you are contemplating Lasik treatment it is likely you know some things about it already. You may know people who’ve had the surgery before and offer you first-hand information. In addition, there is so much on laser eye surgery available on the internet. However, some of this may be Read More…

Can Allergies Like Hay Fever Affect Lasik Treatment?

While summer brings some of the most fun and exciting activities like beach trips, barbecues, sunny afternoons with your cousins and pub gatherings, it also brings something less pleasant, hay fever. Hay fever also referred to as allergic rhinitis occurs when pollen is inhaled through the nose or if it Read More…

Can I Have Lasik On Both Eyes On The Same Day?

Laser eye surgery is one of the most popular and safest surgeries in the world. And yet, there is conflicting information and even myths surround the procedure. While it is important you have questions regarding the surgery, you need to learn to separate facts from fiction. One question and a Read More…

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Is Lasik An Option For Your Teenager?

A Recent study revealed that there is an increase in short-sighted teenagers, and in the US in particular, it has grown to 40% in just the last three decades. While genetics certainly plays a role in how young a child needs to wear glasses, environmental factors too should be taken Read More…

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If You Are Serious About Sports, Lasik Is The Solution

If you are serious about sports you know that very rarely you would let anything get in the way, whether it is family commitments, torrential rain or those pesky disruptions. You lace up your shoes and are out of the door, leaving the world and its worries behind.   You Read More…