A Recent study revealed that there is an increase in short-sighted teenagers, and in the US in particular, it has grown to 40% in just the last three decades. While genetics certainly plays a role in how young a child needs to wear glasses, environmental factors too should be taken into consideration. This is has many parents worried, but all is not lost. Most doctors determine that as children get older their vision settles and they acquire stable vision in later life. In some cases, however, teenagers may see their shortsightedness progress and therefore it is important for parents to understand the treatment options available in such situations.


The short answer is if your child is below the age of 18, they cannot undergo Lasik treatment. Those below the age of 18 do not have a stable prescription and therefore cannot have laser eye surgery. Teens can opt for glasses until the age of 20 to see if the vision stabilizes before deciding to go ahead with the treatment.


The fact that Lasik in Dubai is performed on teens once they reach the age of 18 makes the most sense. Having it before is similar to wearing a pair of glasses until the next time they need to change the prescription and wear a new pair of glasses. In reality, you will need to check your teen’s eyes once in six months to a year which means laser eye surgery is not an option worth considering.


Most people opt for Lasik in Dubai because it is a one time treatment that offers long term results. You want to be able to use your good vision for a few decades at least. Once your teen reaches the recommended age, they can go in for a consultation with an eye specialist. This will help determine if your teen’s vision has stabilized, after which the doctor in consultation with the parents can come to a collective decision on the suitability of Lasik treatment in Dubai.