Laser eye surgery is one of the most popular and safest surgeries in the world. And yet, there is conflicting information and even myths surround the procedure. While it is important you have questions regarding the surgery, you need to learn to separate facts from fiction. One question and a serious one at that many people tend to ask about Lasik treatment is if surgery can be performed on both eyes, on the same day?


The answer is Yes; each eye will take 15 minutes at most. The entire surgery will be done in half an hour. On the day of the surgery, Lasik treatment is first performed on one eye then the second eye straightaway. With experienced eye surgeons and advanced technology, Lasik in Dubai can correct your vision in both eyes without any disruption or complication. The success rate for laser eye surgery currently stands at 96% with a majority achieving 20/20 vision.


Since Lasik treatment was first introduced to the world 25 years ago, technology has pushed it to the forefront and made it one of the most advanced procedures in the world. There has been no hint of anything going wrong or complication. There are millions of people opting for laser eye surgery everyday.


With minimal discomfort and successful results guaranteed, it is no surprise that people choose to have Lasik treatment to correct poor eyesight. Laser eye surgery can rectify a myriad of vision problems including shortsightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism. For all of these conditions, you can have laser eye surgery on both eyes, on the same day.


It is always helpful you understand the procedure and learn about the facts surrounding it before going in for surgery. This makes it easier for you to know what to expect on the day of surgery and the after care involved. Lasik treatment requires minimal down time, in fact, you can be back to your regular day to day routine within 24 hours of surgery. However, it is not to say you shouldn’t be careful, for instance, refrain from wearing makeup or going swimming for at least two weeks post surgery.


Once you regain your original vision in both eyes, it would leave you wondering how you ever coped before. Do away with glasses and contact lenses, Lasik in Dubai will give you back your vision!