If you are serious about sports you know that very rarely you would let anything get in the way, whether it is family commitments, torrential rain or those pesky disruptions. You lace up your shoes and are out of the door, leaving the world and its worries behind.


You feel great, your physical health is top notch and you enjoy every minute of your training. However, in the midst of a great training you realize your eyesight is not as good as it was before. The ball in the distance is starting to look blurry. You visit your doctor and he announces you  have vision problems, you feel like the world is crashing around you because you know you need prefect vision to train, play and compete at the highest level.


For a sportsperson and an athlete, it is not as easy as the average person, wearing a pair of glasses or contact lenses and just going about the game. Glasses are delicate and it will constantly disrupt your focus, they may even falloff and break. Contact lenses are equally irritating in the eye. Your performance will be compromised. And if you have poor vision your full potential will be hard to reach.


This is one of the main reasons top athletes and sports people opt to have Lasik treatment. This is particularly true for those playing golf or who require hand-eye coordination. Did you know that Tom Kite and Tiger Woods have undergone laser eye surgery? And they have obviously benefited from sharpness of vision.


To perform at a competitive level, you need perfectly good eyesight. According to studies, pilots in particular are required to have 20/20 vision. Lasik in Dubai offers incredibly successful results, with current statistics indicating a 96% success rate. Lasik treatment is not just for people engaged in target sports, but also those in water sports like swimming and diving. You obviously cannot swim or dive wearing glasses or contact lenses. You need to get rid of the worry, hassle and hindrance it causes your game. Having uninterrupted and full vision is necessary in sports, all of the time. And the best place to start is with Lasik in Dubai.