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Month: December 2016


Poor Vision and the Impact it has on Sports

Do you love your sports? Do you wish you could play them without having to worry about your glasses falling off? Or your contact lenses coming out? Yes, if you love and are good at sports whether it is cricket, football, tennis, rugby or shooting and you like to compete Read More…


This Is How Lasik Can Brighten Up Your World!

Eyes are inarguably one of the most valuable gifts of nature. They bless us with the appreciable gift of sight that enables us to see the beautiful marvels of this world. But if you’re one of those careless individuals who didn’t appreciate this gift while they still had it then Read More…


Working In A City And Its Impact On Your Vision

Do you work in the city? If so, you would know by now the effect it has on your eyes. Whether it is digital screens, lighting, air pollution or even reading your eyes face a barrage of potential long term damage. You may not realize this now, however, if you Read More…