Do you work in the city? If so, you would know by now the effect it has on your eyes. Whether it is digital screens, lighting, air pollution or even reading your eyes face a barrage of potential long term damage. You may not realize this now, however, if you are conscious of these problems you can certainly have healthy vision in years to come, if you safeguard your eyes. What are the common causes prevalent in the city that causes eye problems?

Air pollution in the city

Let’s look at air pollution. Air pollution has been documented as one of the effects of health decline. It has an effect on your vision with studies showing dry eye syndrome as a result of pollution. This is a condition that is widespread and can be exacerbated due to living in the city.

What can you do? It is obvious you cannot avoid air pollution but you can take steps to safeguard long term vision. For example, carry umbrellas and use sunglasses to protect your eyes from heavy wind, smog and heat waves. Stay hydrated to help alleviate dry eyes. Eat a balanced diet of eggs, blueberries, carrots and tomatoes. A healthy and balanced diet will certainly give your eyes the nutrients it needs to maintain good vision.

Digital straining at your workplace

Computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain is common amongst working people. However, not many people are aware of this condition. When you overuse screens such as smartphones, televisions, computers, and tablets that require prolonged periods of straining your eyes it can lead to CVS. Some common symptoms of CVS include headache, dry eyes, sore eyes, back pain, neck pain and fatigue.

What can you do? Remember, you must improve your work setting. As much as it is required you stare at the computer all day long, you can adjust your posture, get up and walk around once every hour, give your eyes a rest in-between and set up the monitor to be below eye level and at least 25 inches away from the eyes. As much as your body needs a break, so do your eyes. Staring at a screen all day long will hurt your eyes in the long run. They need to rest and sleep as well. So give your eyes the rest it needs, ever so often by taking well earned breaks during your work day.

To safeguard your eyes in the long term, visit a specialist eye surgeon for a comprehensive eye exam. Remember to visit a specialized eye clinic in Dubai once a year at least. It is ideal to have your vision tested especially if you feel your eyes may be subjected to dry eyes or other similar conditions. This will keep you well ahead of any issues pertaining to your vision.