Do you love your sports? Do you wish you could play them without having to worry about your glasses falling off? Or your contact lenses coming out? Yes, if you love and are good at sports whether it is cricket, football, tennis, rugby or shooting and you like to compete at top levels, you should know by now it requires precise hand-eye coordination. This is not only for top athletes but for amateur sports people as well. It can also be for those that are not solely into sports but do enjoy the likes of swimming or tennis every now and then. People may want to improve their vision as a way of having a better quality life. You might enjoy being a skier, hiker, runner or rafter and each of these activities sports certainly requires good vision.

The downside to those having poor vision and are sports lovers is that there is a high possibility you may not be able to participate or even compete at the top level. Now, this is not something you have to live with for a lifetime. Advanced technology has made inroads to corrective eye surgery. Lasik eye surgery is performed on millions of people worldwide, and with successful results.

What are the benefits of sports people having Lasik eye surgery?

First and foremost, it is a successful surgery that requires little downtime. In as little as 3 days, post surgery, you can get back to your daily life, including whichever sport you like. For swimmers, however, it is ideal you stay out of the water for the first two weeks. Statistics reveal there is a success rate of 96% for people that opt for Lasik eye surgery. This group achieves 20/20 vision. And the greatest benefit is not having to worry about wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses anymore. It is a short and simple procedure lasting not more than half an hour, thereby, eliminating the constant hassle of eyeglasses and contact lens solution.

There are a number of inconveniences and expenses for eye wear which include irritation from contact lenses, broken glasses, expensive prescription eyeglasses for various sporting activities and not being able to participate in certain sporting events like martial arts that don’t allow eyeglass wearers.

Now if you do enjoy such sports, it would be a shame you cannot participate. Lasik eye surgery is a reliable procedure to correct poor vision and it takes just 15 minutes per eye. This is all the time you need to spend to enjoy a lifetime of good vision. It is certainly well worth spending and is an investment, when you consider overall better quality of life along with ample benefits corrective eye surgery brings. And to be able to finally see the sport you enjoy up close, without feeling too anxious about eyeglasses or contact lenses is a victory in itself!