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Month: January 2018

Lasik in Dubai

Lasik Treatment For Older People

As an older person the last thing you want to consider is surgery. Being in a hospital probably makes you uncomfortable and then you worry about the length of recovery time. And how about the procedure itself, does it hurt, you wonder? And at the same time you have your Read More…

lasik in dubai

Short-Sighted? Can Lasik Treatment Help?

Wearing glasses is not fun, you are probably fed up of them by this point. It is frustrating to look for your glasses each time you want to read something. And they are always getting lost, or you are breaking them and having to buy new ones. This is considerably Read More…

lasik in dubai

Lasik Treatment After Consultation? How Long Do You Have To Wait?

You laser eye surgery is different to everyone else, however, there are a few steps that everyone needs to go through. The first step is contacting the clinic, once you have a conversation about the procedure you can raise any concerns or ask questions. You can speak to a patient-care Read More…

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Understanding Different Types Of Lasik Treatment

There are different types of lasik treatment in Dubai. What’s all this difference you may wonder? On the surface, there isn’t too much difference. You will find treatments with different names. For instance, you could visit one clinic and see five different names and another clinic but see only two Read More…