You laser eye surgery is different to everyone else, however, there are a few steps that everyone needs to go through. The first step is contacting the clinic, once you have a conversation about the procedure you can raise any concerns or ask questions. You can speak to a patient-care coordinator or highly trained staff who will be happy to have informal chats about your requirements. The patient-care coordinator can assist you with initial consultation or booking. Some eye clinics may even send you a free information pack.

Between the time of the initial consultation and treatment there are some important steps to consider.

The assessment process at every clinic is different. Some laser eye surgery providers may require brief assessment while an independent clinic may request for multitude of tests. Keep in mind that the more thorough the assessment process the less chances there are of risks occurring. For instance, the assessment should include the initial consultation, the optometrist assessment and ophthalmic exam. The purpose of the consultation is to analyze your eyes and ascertain suitability for treatment. The results will be reviewed by the optometrist and the information will be used to conduct a comprehensive eye exam. If everything seems well you can decide to have the procedure. Your optometrist can conduct an ophthalmic exam to further analyze the eye in finer detail.

Once your eye and vision have been measured and analyzed and mapped out in accurate detail you will be considered suitable for lasik treatment in Dubai. The procedure can come even as quickly as 24 hours post assessment. However, this all depends on whether you are a working person and if taking a couple of days off from work is a possibility. It also depends on the clinic’s availability. It is advised you spend some time to mull over the information without rushing into surgery. Some patients may feel nervous and worried so it is good to read up on the material the clinic has sent you and calm your nerves before committing to the treatment process. Once you are ready you can inform the clinic and arrange a date and time best suited you.

So the day of the surgery has finally arrived. You may have questions lingering and nerves bubbling. There is one final check to do. The ophthalmic surgeon will double check measurements to confirm details pertaining to your treatment plan. A thorough approach such as this will minimize the chance of any risks and leave you in safe hands.