Wearing glasses is not fun, you are probably fed up of them by this point. It is frustrating to look for your glasses each time you want to read something. And they are always getting lost, or you are breaking them and having to buy new ones. This is considerably expensive. You have heard of Lasik treatment and you know it is safe and effective. However, taking the steps to actually having the procedure is a whole different story. There are questions burning in your mind. Let’s look at some facts of Lasik treatment in Dubai to give you peace of mind.

100% of patients with short-sighedness with 9.00 dioptres achieve 2-/32 vision and 96% of patients with prescriptions with -4.50 dioptres achieved 20/20 vision, according to recent statistics in the UK alone. These are excellent statistics for any kind of surgery.

Here are some benefits to consider when contemplating laser eye surgery.
You will be able to see vivid and finer details. There will be no more fumbling and falling over looking for your glasses. You can see the world for what it is.

The treatment is effective and safe and you will feel at ease. It is a comfortable procedure lasting only 15 minutes per eye.

There are many things patients experience after Lasik in Dubai.

You will feel better about yourself. Being able to see clearly will give you confidence and a boost in self esteem. Some people feel uncomfortable and self conscious about wearing thick lens glasses. Lasik treatment will help you eliminate glasses for good and make you feel and look great.

It is a worthwhile investment. If you’ve been buying glasses frequently each time the prescription changes it means you have spent considerable money so far. Lasik in Dubai is a one time investment with more permanent results. It is an expense that will be worth in the long run.

You can get back to normal life 24 hours after laser eye surgery. You will be glasses free and back to working and driving within a few days. Lasik treatment requires short recovery time.

All patients are required to have comprehensive testing, this is to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. The tests are painless and quick and they ensure any chance of complication is minimized.

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