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Month: December 2017

lasik in dubai

Are You Farsighted? Lasik Can Help

Most people cannot remember whether they are farsighted or shortsighted. The terms can be confusing. People who are farsighted can see distant objects, but have trouble focusing on things close by. This is referred to as Hyperopia. Let look at hyperopia to determine if Lasik eye surgery can effectively correct Read More…

lasik in dubai

Lasik Corrects Poor Vision And Gives You A Better Quality Of Life

If you wear glasses, you know the total hassle that comes with being unable to see clearly.  As soon as the alarm goes off you are fumbling for your glasses, and most of the time you cannot find it.  This has turned into your morning routine. How much simpler life Read More…

lasik in dubai

A Look At Post Laser Eye Surgery

There is plenty of information on Lasik treatment, but there doesn’t seem to be too much available on what happens post surgery. Like any surgery, you will be required to take it easy and rest for up to 48 hours. In rare cases, when patients are unable to take time Read More…

lasik treatment in dubai

Why People Who Worry About Laser Eye Surgery Risks Should Consider Facts And Myths

If you search online for Lasik treatment you will come across countless articles on money back guarantees in case the procedure doesn’t go as planned. This will sound rather frightening to patients, particularly those contemplating laser eye surgery. If you are unable to find some hard facts vs a whole Read More…

lasik in dubai

Why You Need To Consider The Highest Quality In Laser Eye Surgery

You may see it all the time, when you are online, out to dinner, shopping or glancing through magazines that laser eye surgery is one of the most popular eye treatments in the world with millions of people opting for this procedure. However, if you want high quality treatment looking Read More…

lasik in dubai

A Look At Comprehensive Eye Exams Before Lasik Treatment

If you are considering Lasik treatment in Dubai you need to understand detailed treatment plans so that the outcome is always better. You will need to have a comprehensive eye examination, however, do you know what exactly these eye exams are? Now, not every clinic will conduct a series of Read More…