Most people cannot remember whether they are farsighted or shortsighted. The terms can be confusing. People who are farsighted can see distant objects, but have trouble focusing on things close by. This is referred to as Hyperopia. Let look at hyperopia to determine if Lasik eye surgery can effectively correct it.

Even though farsightedness has characteristics of not seeing objects up close, it can start to affect your short sighted vision as well. If you have hyperopia one of the first symptoms will be frequent headaches. It is caused by straining your eyes on objects close by. It is disruptive to everyday life. Most often, those who have farsightedness use glasses. However, this is not the most convenient solution, besides it being only temporary. Lasik in Dubai gives you the opportunity to eliminate glasses and opt for a more permanent solution.

The abnormality of hyperopia is the eyeball is flatter and shorter than what it is supposed to be. This causes the light which enters the retina to stay behind it, instead of directly on it. The images become distorted in close up vision. Lasik treatment in Dubai uses laser beam to focuses on the retina and corrects the abnormality as well as correct the cornea curvature permanently.
Lasik in Dubai offers a host of benefits to those with farsightedness. Simple things in life that you may take for granted like  reading the newspaper, taking a shower or even preparing meals can be done without wearing glasses. If you’ve been a sporting enthusiast in the past, you can get back to actively enjoying sports like before.

You will find good vision improves social and personal interaction. It will be easier to recognize and read faces, and you will begin to feel comfortable in your setting.

And contrary to the myths, Lasik treatment is not painful. In fact, it is a virtually painless procedure. You may experience slight discomfort for which your eye surgeon will prescribe anesthetic eye drops. It is also minimally invasive and a popular surgery that has advanced with technique and technology.

Lasik treatment in Dubai has an impressive 96% success rate with most patients achieving 20/20 or 20/32 vision. It is certainly an investment to make in the New Year!