If you wear glasses, you know the total hassle that comes with being unable to see clearly.  As soon as the alarm goes off you are fumbling for your glasses, and most of the time you cannot find it.  This has turned into your morning routine. How much simpler life would be if you can see your alarm clock clearly as soon as it goes off? This probably sounds like a great alternative to most eyeglass wearers.

And so do millions of people all over the world, which is why Lasik in Dubai offers a wealth of benefits for the glasses and contact lens wearer. Lasik treatment is a simple and minimally invasive surgery that many people get done to improve their vision. Let’s look at some benefits in-depth.

The biggest benefit is you gain clearer vision. Yes, you will be able to see minus the glasses and contact lenses. Lasik in Dubai has a success rate of 96%. And patients who undergo the surgery achieve 20/40 vision and still others achieve 20/20 vision. It is a tremendously successful procedure and has been for the last 25 years.  And in all those years, there have been no recorded cases of even one procedure going wrong or enduring complications. Lasik is proven to be safe and secure.

Lasik treatment in Dubai is a quick and painless procedure. The recovery time is also quick. While you won’t be able to wear makeup or jump into the pool right away, you can get back to normal life, and yes even back to work. After not being able to see too much, imagine all it takes is just 24 hours to regain near perfect vision.

Usually, Lasik has a stabilization period of 3 months, after which your eyes will adjust. You can expect permanent results from the procedure. There are no follow-up procedures required.

No more glasses. It is time to throw them away into the bin. If you are worried about the cost of laser eye surgery, remember  prescription glasses are expensive and you may have already spent unnecessarily on purchasing glasses. Lasik is certainly a better and more worthwhile investment than having to constantly buy prescription glasses.