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Month: August 2017

lasik in dubai

Are You On Holiday This Summer? Look After Your Eyes

While basking in the sun is one of the best ways to looking younger and feeling healthier, you need to take proper precautions as it can also do the opposite. Too much sun can damage your body, result in muscular regeneration, lead to sunburn, wrinkles and even skin cancer. This Read More…

lasik treatment in Dubai

Obscure Questions Surrounding Lasik Eye Treatment

If you are contemplating Lasik treatment in Dubai but are filled with questions not knowing the answers to can be frustrating. What you need is a safe space and Lasik eye surgeons have heard them all. While there are common questions like will it hurt, will I be able to Read More…

lasik in dubai

Is Laser Eye Treatment A Complex Procedure?

When putting things into perspective if the problem is complex, the surgery may be just as complex. For instance, when you were a young child who got cuts and bruises it was probably treated with warm water, soap and a plaster. In the case of brain surgery, it is more Read More…