If you are contemplating Lasik treatment in Dubai but are filled with questions not knowing the answers to can be frustrating. What you need is a safe space and Lasik eye surgeons have heard them all. While there are common questions like will it hurt, will I be able to drive, should I bring a companion, is it safe, what you may need are the more obscure questions which are hard to find proper answers to.

Is Lasik eye treatment costly?

While Lasik in Dubai may seem costly at the beginning because you will be quoted a lump sum, consider the bigger picture. Lasik treatment in Dubai will last between 10 and 20 years. During these years, considering you have poor vision, you will still need a crutch to see. This means you will have to spend exorbitant amounts on either glasses or contact lenses. These are costs which will keep accumulating as you will need to change your prescription every few years. When it comes to laser eye surgery, it is a one time procedure which will give you back your vision.

Can I have Lasik eye treatment more than once?

If your eye surgeon believes there will be a significant improvement from the first time around enhancement procedures and top ups may be advised. That being said, Lasik in Dubai is done just once. The success rate is 96% and those who have to do it more than once may have gone to a poor quality clinic.

Will there be an advanced laser eye procedure in the future?

Should you wait is the question? While waiting for a safer version sounds sensible, keep in mind, the current procedure is one of the safest surgeries in the world. Since its inception a quarter century ago there have been no recorded cases of missteps or wrong turns. The reality is it is at its peak, and the time to do the surgery is right about now!
Why do people still wear glasses and contact lenses when Lasik eye treatment is available?

Like many people do not upgrade to economical and efficient electric cars, people don’t consider laser eye treatment. There are some common reasons for this, mainly fear and misinformation. Myths about laser eye surgery are frequently busted but it seems not everyone pays attention. The other reason is people are used to wearing glasses and contact lenses, so it has become a habit. Experts suggest according to the latest technology 97% of patients are eligible for Lasik treatment in Dubai.