While basking in the sun is one of the best ways to looking younger and feeling healthier, you need to take proper precautions as it can also do the opposite. Too much sun can damage your body, result in muscular regeneration, lead to sunburn, wrinkles and even skin cancer. This is not to say you need to cut your holiday short but it is as simple as finding ways to protect your body and most of all your eyes.

UV Ray Shades

Find a 100%, UV rays high quality sunglasses. As much as you want to look for style do not compromise on proper protection. Style is great, but you need to keep your eyes safe from too much sunlight.

Wide Brimmed Hat

You may not think the wide brimmed hat your mother bought for you before going on holiday looks anything like the one that came out on Vogue. It may be a Panama or a floppy Fedora, however, it is not the fashion that counts here but the protection you receive from a big hat. It will safeguard your eyes and the skin around them, while at the same time keep you face glowing.

Say No to Contacts

Do not wear UV absorbing contacts as a substitute for shades. The best UV contacts will not provide proper protection from solar radiation, only sunglasses can do that job. Be concerned about eye health in the long term, and wear your UV sunglasses without kicking up a fuss.

Take a Break

Give your eyes a much needed break from the sun, every now and then. Many people who are on summer holidays want to sit outside the entire day. As much as you want to take the maximum advantage of the hot sun, you need to think of your eyes, so escape the harmful rays by going inside. Give your eyes respite, remember, exposure to UV rays on a regular basis can result in permanent damage.

Fish Filled Menu

Omega-3 fatty acids and oily fish are beneficial to eye health. If you feel you have been out in the sun for too long, make up for it by ordering fish items off the menu. You can opt for salmon, tuna or mackerel.

Get prepared for your holiday by going for an eye consultation; if you have poor vision choose to have Lasik treatment in Dubai, and enjoy your holiday finally being able to see the deep blue sea.