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Month: July 2017

Lasik in Dubai

Real Truths About Laser Eye Surgery To Give You Peace Of Mind

If you are considering Lasik in Dubai you would have stumbled upon countless amount of information and data to give you an eagle eyed view of the surgery, you may have also got really nervous by all of it. Most of it is, unfortunately happens to be second hand information, Read More…

lasik treatment in Dubai

Worried About Lasik Eye Treatment? Why You Don’t Have To Be

Not everyone can handle the thought of someone else poking around your eyes. The words laser and surgery may be sufficient to make you squirm. If you are considering Lasik in Dubai, how do you get over that strange sensation and turn your fear into something positive?   Yes laser Read More…

lasik treatment

An In-Depth Look At Astigmatism And How Laser Eye Surgery Can Help

Astigmatism is a common condition that many people are affected by. There are several types of this particular condition which results in imperfections of the lens of the eye or the curvature of your cornea. The job of the cornea is to be the protective layer and prevent the other Read More…