Not everyone can handle the thought of someone else poking around your eyes. The words laser and surgery may be sufficient to make you squirm. If you are considering Lasik in Dubai, how do you get over that strange sensation and turn your fear into something positive?


Yes laser eye surgery sounds like a big procedure, a real surgery which is performed on your eyes. This is enough to make even the bravest one tremble a little. However, there is nothing to feel anxious about. It is not like anything you imagine in your head. Many people fear this surgery because of the unknown. There are countless number of facts and many of them have to be separated from the myths. Fear can spur anyone to feel afraid, especially if you don’t know the hard truths about something.


To start off with, Lasik treatment in Dubai is virtually painless. Yes, it is performed on your eyes but numbing drops are applied and they take effect almost immediately. You may feel slight pressure during the first few minutes of surgery but this will feeling will pass. If you experience dry eyes after surgery you can ask your eye surgeon to prescribe a lubricant.


Laser eye surgery is an outpatient procedure. It is nothing like getting admitted to a hospital and experiencing it as an in-patient surgery. There is only a minimal chance of any risk or complication in an outpatient procedure. In fact the statistics stand at 0.01% compared to 25% for outpatient procedures. With laser eye technology advancing in the last decade, your eye surgeon will have the latest equipment and practices at their disposal.


Did you know Lasik in Dubai is deemed safer than wearing contact lenses? Contact lenses can lead to dry eyes which can further lead to irritation and infection in your eyes. These are serious conditions which need to be treated immediately. Laser eye surgery has none of that, once it is done you take a few days to recover and you have achieved 20/20 vision in the process.


With such minimal risk of complication, you can be certain you will not go blind from this procedure. This is one thing that has people worried. You may still have some nerves, and this is perfectly normal. Lasik in Dubai is one of the safest and most effective procedures to rectify vision with convenience and be anxiety free.