Astigmatism is a common condition that many people are affected by. There are several types of this particular condition which results in imperfections of the lens of the eye or the curvature of your cornea. The job of the cornea is to be the protective layer and prevent the other layers which are underneath from being disrupted. This has an impact on how the light is directed to the rest of the layers. When it is an irregular shape, your eye surgeon will refer to it as corneal astigmatism.


Much like a camera, the lens of your eyes can focus and can adjust the light that travels to it. The light is then transmitted to the retina which forms the images that you see. Lenticular astigmatism is a condition where the shape of your lens is distorted. Both these types of astigmatism means the light is not directed properly and the retina cannot form the images. This causes objects both near and far to appear blurry, and patients with this condition may suffer from fatigue and headaches.


The lens and the cornea need to be smooth and evenly curved so that direct light is transmitted to the retina. As this is considered to be a complex eye condition, doctors in the past have recommended glasses and contact lenses to help improve it. However, with technology advancing eye surgeons have the latest equipment to treat astigmatism symptoms.


Lasik treatment in Dubai can correct astigmatism. A laser eye surgeon will use a precision laser to reshape the cornea’s inner layers by removing unwanted tissue, and changing the curvature so that the eye retains its natural ability to refocus.


Despite having a name that sounds scary astigmatism is not an eye condition, it is a refractive error which can be corrected. A single Lasik procedure can fully correct astigmatism, even with higher amounts. The best news is Lasik in Dubai will offer patients with astigmatism a permanent solution.


If you or someone you know may be suffering from this condition, you should know all hope is not lost. Lasik in Dubai will correct irregularities in the eye. Considered a minimally invasive procedure, it takes just 15 minutes per eye. In addition, Lasik treatment is painless, convenient and best of all you will be able to see minus your glasses and contact lenses.