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Month: July 2016


Why Should I Have Lasik Surgery Performed?

For most patients you need to give them string argument to convince them to opt for surgery. For most of us we will avoid it unless we are bleeding out and surgery is the only solution! Truth be told, the negative sentiments attached to surgery are mainly without a reason. Read More…


Myths about Lasik eye surgery debunked

‘Surgery’ No matter how tough you are this 7 letter word in enough to make anyone worried and anxious. Let’s be honest, it’s an unpleasant word that has a negative and sad connotation attached to it. No one wants to go under the knife or have someone poke around in Read More…


Lasik Enhancement Post Treatment

Lasik surgery is primarily performed to help patients marginally improve their eyesight so that they no longer have to depend on their glasses and lenses to see properly. But in some cases simply Lasik Surgery is not good enough. The surgery may enhance a patient’s eyesight but not to an Read More…