Lasik surgery is primarily performed to help patients marginally improve their eyesight so that they no longer have to depend on their glasses and lenses to see properly. But in some cases simply Lasik Surgery is not good enough. The surgery may enhance a patient’s eyesight but not to an extent that they would be satisfied with it which is why surgeons propose re-enhancement treatment for them.

Why do Patients Seek Lasik Enhancement

There can be different reasons behind the need to have a re-enhancement surgery performed. The obvious one being, that your first Lasik surgery failed to deliver desirable results, and you find yourself still highly dependent on your glasses. Or over time your eyesight weakened; forcing you to gain the assistance of eye glasses yet again.

Why can Lasik Surgery prove to be less effective?

The optical region is highly sensitive and although Lasik surgery is a relatively simple procedure, its success depends on a series of factors. Every patient may respond to the procedure differently. Some may find their eyesight to be miraculously improved and others may only notice a slight difference. The factors that the outcomes of your Lasik
Surgery will depend on are:

  • The Cornea: To carry out the procedure successfully patients should have a healthy cornea with having a substantial thickness.
  • Your Expectation: The degree to which you want your eyesight to be enhanced.
  • Your Eye Problem: Lasik surgery is performed to correct different refractive eye problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatisms.
  • The prescription of your glasses: This will determine how weak your eyes are and how effective the procedure will be to eliminate the need to wear glasses.
  • Dry Eyes: They are known to disrupt the healing process.

Your Eyes – Post the Surgery

To determine how successful the procedure was in your eye you have to give things a little time. Eye surgery is no joke. Your eyes need time to adapt to the changes that have to take place. Over the next few weeks, it is common for a patient to experience changes in their vision you may see perfectly fine for a little while and then things may appear to be blurry.

If you experience obvious discomfort in carrying out day to day tasks even after 3 months then this may indicate that the Lasik procedure proved to be less effective than expected.

Your eye surgeon will then determine whether you are a suitable candidate for an enhancement to deliver the results you initially expected out of the treatment. For a successful enhancement, candidates are required to have good overall eye health. This includes having a thick cornea, this is particularly important as the entire Lasik and enhancement procedure lies on the correction of the cornea. The enhancement is even simpler than Lasik Surgery and the correction can take place in less than 5 minutes.