‘Surgery’ No matter how tough you are this 7 letter word in enough to make anyone worried and anxious. Let’s be honest, it’s an unpleasant word that has a negative and sad connotation attached to it. No one wants to go under the knife or have someone poke around in their eyes. Plus, once we hear some of the false facts regarding these surgical procedures, our fears simply meet no bounds.
Honestly speaking, not all types of surgeries are daunting or scaring, Lasik surgery being one of them. This surgery is performed with the help of a laser; that means no cuts, no incisions and no worries. It’s just the misconceptions and myths that keep floating around that add unnecessary stress and tension into our heads. Some of the more common ones include:

There is a long Recovery Period

Lasik surgery is a very simple and quick procedure and patients are free to go home a few hours post the treatment. They are advised to take things slow but can actually presume their daily activities the very next day. You might feel a little hazy and blurry a few hours later, but that is completely normal. Your eyes will adjust in a little while. Just be sure to not strain in them in any way and don’t apply pressure on them – Avoid using digital gadgets and use your computer less for a few days post the treatment.

The Procedure is very Painful

Despite being a surgical procedure Lasik surgery is not painful at all. Patients should consider the time spent prior to the treatment the most difficult of all, because that’s when you are going to be feeling anxious and nervous – mainly without a reason.
If you suffer from great anxiety then your surgeon will make use of a mild sedative to help you calm down. Other than that, anesthetic drops are applied over the eyes to help numb them and keep them in a fixed position. So pain in particular is something you need not stress about.

You can go blind from Lasik

Lasik surgery is only performed on the outer surface of the eye; in the cornea. So any serious complications like blindness are very rare.
If you have any added concerns, then you should consult your eye surgeon before the surgery. Although Lasik eye surgery is overall a simple procedure there is always a small percentage of risks attached to it. In order to feel more comfortable with the procedure you should conduct a detailed session with your eye surgeon and have all your concerns and queries answered.

Lasik Surgery only corrects Nearsightedness?

Lasik Surgery does not only correct nearsightedness, it corrects all eyesight related problems i.e. astigmatism, myopia (near sightedness) and hypermetropia (far sightedness). Individuals can have their eye related problems significantly improved. This may not necessarily imply that you will no longer require lenses but surgery will definitely reduce the prescription of your lenses or glasses, by improving your eyesight.