Once you’ve found a good eye clinic in Dubai, done the background homework on the procedure itself, found an excellent eye surgeon in Dubai and determined you are a good candidate for Lasik eye treatment, there are bound to be several unanswered questions as to how to move forward before, during and after surgery. We will try to answer a few commonly posed questions by patients of Lasik eye treatment.

In general, there’s not too much you have to do to prepare for this surgery. Of course, depending on the surgeon and your case, each will be different one to another. The initial consultation should answer most questions and clear any doubts you may have. However, let’s take a look at the preparation process that Lasik patients go through.

Time off work

In the case of a working person, you will have to take time off work usually amounting to 4 days. The procedure itself takes 24 hours and surgeons recommend patients can return to work the day after surgery. Most people can, however, this discussion is something you should have with your eye surgeon in Dubai. It is best you block out a few days for before and after surgery.

Get a lift home

You should arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery. It is not advisable that you take the wheel directly after. Public transport maybe slightly tiring, it is best you organize some means of transport. You can arrange with a family member or friend to pick you up after surgery.

Someone to be there

As much as you want someone to pick you up after surgery, many people want someone to accompany them for the surgery itself. It is after all a confidence boost to have someone by your side, which is bound to give you comfort and peace of mind.

If I live far away from the clinic

If you don’t live close by to the clinic, it may be best to find accommodation for the procedure. Local accommodation would be sufficient. You just need a place to rest your eyes. Do not engage in high level stress or focus too much directly after Lasik surgery. It is imperative there is not too much anxiety involved in the first 24 hours post surgery.

What about alcohol?

Alcohol is not allowed within the first 48 hours after Lasik eye surgery. Alcohol can dry your eyes, additionally, avoid anything with alcoholic content including perfume, cologne, mousse and hair spray.

Can I wear makeup?

Do not use makeup for 24 hours prior to the procedure. Avoid wearing eyeliner, mascara or other kind of makeup. You need to ensure your face and eyes are completely devoid of any makeup during the surgery.

What clothes to wear?

Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes on the day of the surgery. However, avoid wool as the small fibers could get in the way of the laser energy. These are some of the practical things you have to be concerned about when it comes to preparing for Lasik eye surgery.