Your eyes are a very sensitive and important part of your body. When undertaking an eye surgery you need to be fully aware of the procedure and the length of time it will take for completion.

If your eyes are bothering you, the first step you need to take is to contact our clinic.  You will be able to have a conversation with one of our staff members and educate them about your problem and raise any questions or doubts you have. Our team of highly professional staff will be happy to listen to your problems and find solutions. The patient-care coordinator will guide you about the consultation and booking. Our clinics might even send you a free information pack, which will help you, get a better vision of our service.

How every clinic assesses your situation is different. Some clinics might request you to go through many tests, while others might briefly assess your problem.

During the consultation, your eyes will be examined and it will be decided if you are suitable for a treatment. This information will be used to conduct a comprehensive eye exam. The optometrist will conduct an ophthalmic examination to precisely examine the eye.

Once all the details about your eye have been obtained, you will be eligible for a lasik treatment in Dubai. Depending on your situation, the dates for the laser eye surgery will be determined. If you are a working person and need to take a few days off work, this might take longer than for a person who is free, for whom the procedure many come as fast as 24 hours after consultation. Also the availability of the clinic needs to taken into account.

It is advisable for you to read up on the services of the clinic and be aware of the background of the surgery before you confirm your appointment. Some patients are very nervous when they come to the clinic. You have no reason to be nervous, as this is a painless surgery when compared to surgeries done to other parts of your body. When you have made up your mind, you can make an appointment on a date and time convenient for you.

You can clearly witness that this process takes less time than you would have anticipated.