There are a few conditions to be satisfied in order for you to become eligible for the Lasik Treatment.

Your eyes need to be healthy in order to carry out this treatment. For instance, if you have dry eyes, and your eyes are not lubricated enough, this might raise problems. You can consult us and determine if your conditions would not affect the success of the surgery.

Your cornea must have sufficient thickness. Going ahead with the surgery for a pair of eyes with a thin cornea can cause damage to your vision and would affect the final outcome of the surgery.

Your pupils should not be larger than normal. If it is overly large, the surgery might bring in certain side effects such as halos and glares.

To move forward with the surgery you must be in good health overall. If you are not in good health, you might face consequences that others would not go through. If your body is slow to healing, you will have to go through some problems after the surgery. Therefore before the surgery, you need to make sure you are in a good health condition.

You should consider postponing the surgery if you are pregnant or nursing. Hormonal changes in your body can adversely affect the surgery.  Also, the medication given might be too dangerous for your unborn child or even for your born child if you are nursing.

You should be above a certain age. It is preferable if you are above the age of eighteen years because this surgery is a complex process and it is not advisable to carry out the treatments for a child.

There are a number of tests that need to be satisfied in order to determine if you can go through the surgery. These tests will be done by us free of charge. All your information and medical records will not be shared with anyone else as we strictly respect and obey doctor-patient confidentiality.

Consult our clinic, Ebsaar, in order to determine if you satisfy the criteria to become eligible for the Lasik Treatment.