Many people all over the world fear going through surgery because of their terror of getting hurt. When compared to other organs or parts of your body, you can easily decide that the eye is the most fragile part. Because of this nature of the eyes, you might think that you should not go ahead with the Lasik Treatment. You might choose wearing glasses or contacts for the rest of your life.

We can ensure that the Lasik Treatment In Dubai does not hurt. Before going ahead with the process, the surgeon will add eye drops and make your eyes numb. Your eyes will be numb throughout the whole process relieving you of any kind of pain, you would not feel a thing that is done to your eye during the process.

Many patients who have gone through treatment have stated that the process is comfortable and it does not hurt. It is just like you are sitting or lying down, and the surgeon is just looking into your eye.

When you come home after completing the surgery, the anesthesia will wear off and it is common to experience sensitivity to light, watery eyes and a little discomfort in the eyes. But this is nothing for you to fear about. This does not indicate failure or any kind of side effect. If you are not comfortable with these minor after effects, you can ask your surgeon for some medication to help you get rid of any pain or discomfort but we can assure that this is not at all necessary and you have nothing to fear about when you feel these minor changes. Indeed there is something that you can do by yourself to handle the situation. You can take a nap after you return home from the surgery which has proved to help patients get rid of the pain.

If you are experiencing severe pain in the eyes after the surgery, which is highly unlikely, you can immediately consult us and we will guide you about what you can do.