Many people all over the world believe that the scope of allergies is limited to the most common ones they see usually and are unaware of eye allergies. Eye allergies can happen to anyone but are usually hereditary. If you do not avoid these allergies, you might even have to face serious diseases which will affect your health and well being.

You might be wondering as to how you will know if you have an eye allergy. Some of the most common symptoms are red, swollen or itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and coughing, itchy nose, mouth or throat and headache from sinus congestion. If you already have one of these symptoms, it is advisable for you to visit our eye clinic and we will examine your situation and identify the cause of the allergy. Our clinic is situated in Dubai and is well known for the famous Lasik treatment which tends to perfect the vision of people with an imperfect vision.

The best way for you to handle your allergy is to avoid what is causing the allergy. For instance, if it can be determined that your pet is causing this allergy, you can get rid of your pet or not be in the vicinity of your pet. This is the most common and effective way to take care of yourself and make sure your allergy is not provoked. But, in certain situations it cannot be identified, what is causing the allergy. In such a case you will have to move to a range of medication to take care of the allergy which will be recommended for you by our clinic. There are certain types of eye drops which can be used to reduce the reactions of the allergy and constantly washing your eyes might also help.

When you have an allergy it is better if you can stay indoors with the air conditioner on when the pollen rates are high which is usually in the mid-morning and early evenings. You can close the windows and stay indoors and avoid attracting the pollen indoors. You might be able to identify that your allergy is triggered when you go out on days when the pollen is high.

Identify your eye allergies and make sure you avoid what causes them at all points. If the cause cannot be identified you can visit our clinic and the professionals will run a series of tests to identify the cause and will make recommendations for you.