Most people are all for jumping on planes and traveling around the world. We want to get away from the realities of life, spend our money and make merry. Others however, need to travel as a part of a business trip or related to work. It is wheels set in motion that includes process of packing, endless delays in-between flights and cramming into tiny seats. Even if you get away for a few days, it is always worth it. You almost never hear anyone complaining about flying. And then you do it over and again.


What better way to celebrate laser eye surgery than go on one of your trips and the best part about it this time is you will be able to actually see the places you visit. Go to a foreign land and test your vision. You should be able to witness it in its magnificent glory. You will also be able to appreciate the stunning views especially from 30,000 feet in the air.


Before you go booking your tickets, remember laser eye surgery is still a surgical procedure. Lasik treatment in Dubai takes just minutes but it does have some restrictions and guidelines following the period of treatment. You are fortunate, however, compared to most other surgeries these restrictions are few and far between. If you want to recover quickly you have to take proper care of your eyes post surgery. And then you can get back to your normal routine, yes even to enjoying flying.


Flying is safe after Lasik eye treatment. You will be asked to rest for the first 24 hours, but after that you can get back to a regular routine. As you eyes can get a little dry in the cabin, your eye surgeon will recommend you carry eye drops to keep them comfortable and moist. If your trip is for longer than a couple of days, there are some important things to consider post surgery. For instance, do not engage in water or contact sports and avoid letting anything touch your eyes in the first two weeks.


You will also be advised to rest the day following laser eye surgery. Also, if you expect your travel plans to be stressful you can always put it off by a day or two.