Dry eye syndrome is the results of lack of lubrication or moisture on the surface of the eye. It is a very common condition and if you detect such a condition you can visit our clinic and consult our professionals who will guide you on what should be done. By visiting our clinic you can enlighten yourself with all other types of treatments that are available for the condition you or your loved ones are going through. One of the popular treatments provided by our clinic is the Lasik surgery in Dubai, which involves a surgery done with the aid of a laser beam, which aims to provide a solution to people who have problems with their vision. It is a permanent solution to your vision problems and after the surgery, you can get rid of your glasses or your lenses.

The dry eye syndrome is one condition that cannot be cured, depending on the cause of the syndrome. But, this does not a give a reason for you to lose hope, as it is possible for us to give you solutions to handle the condition and make sure the dry nature of the eye is gotten rid of. We will recommend artificial tears for you, which will help bring back the moist nature of the eyes and always keep them lubricated.

Restasis eye drops are a step further from artificial tears and will help your eyes increase tear production, this will once again help you to get rid of the dry nature of your eyes. Having dry eyes can cause great discomfort for you, which we understand and aim to help you keep under control.

If you detect that the cause of your dry eyes is natural and environmental, you can always wear sunglasses when you are outdoors in the sun, wind and dust. When you are indoors, you can stay around an air cleaner, which will help you keep your eyes moist.

Some of the common symptoms of dry eye syndrome include a burning sensation, itchy eyes, aching sensations, heavy eyes, fatigued eyes, sore eyes, dryness sensations, red eyes, photophobia also known as light sensitivity and blurred vision. If you detect any of these symptoms, you can visit our clinic and we will do everything that needs to be done.

Take control of dry eye syndrome and get rid of the dry nature of your eyes.