Cataract is a common eye disease which mostly affects adults who are 55 or older. It is a clouding in the natural lens which results in blurry and poor vision. It develops slowly and painlessly, most of the people are not even aware that they have cataracts. We don’t know any clear reason why our lens changes over time, but there are some symptoms that might reveal this disease. For example: if you are experiencing blurriness even after you adjust sunglasses if most colors appear to be dull, if seeing at night becomes a problem or your vision becomes sensitive on sunlight you might be experiencing Cataract and you should visit a doctor.

It might even cause blindness if discovered on later stages and not treated properly. The most effective and permanent way of treating Cataract is a surgery. Surgery is relatively easy procedure but it has to be done professionally.

There are various types of Cataract each of them caused by different reasons and need to be treated differently. We will talk about the most effective procedures that treat Cataract. As already mentioned, it is an easy procedure. In most of the cases different sized incision is made near the cornea. Then a small-sized instrument makes the way to the affected area and removes the cloud from lens. But this surgery can be performed in different ways, depending on the type of Cataract. There are three main surgeries that help to get rid of cloudiness in lens, some of these procedures date back hundreds of years, while others are modern and require advanced technologies.

First , the most commonly performed procedure is Phacoemulsification. After making a tiny incision on the side of the cornea, a probe is inserted. It emits ultrasound waves which soften and break cataract which then can be sucked out . This operation is also known as “stitchless”, as it is painless and doesn’t need stitches. Recovery period is short and eyes heal fast if the procedure is done properly. Another method is Extracapsular Surgery. In this case larger incision and stitches are required.

Cataract is not softened during this procedure, but cloudy part is removed in one piece. It has longer healing time but is considered as an effective procedure. Third option is Intracapsular surgery. It is one of the oldest surgeries that is done by removing lens and surrounding capsule in one piece. This procedure is not that common anymore and is performed when lens has been dislocated due to an injury or some kind of disease

You need to talk to your doctor who will determine the type of cataract you are experiencing and plan proper treatment. Surgery is successful in most of the cases, but again, you need to make sure you visit a reliable clinic. There are many medical centers that offer Cataract surgeries but not all of them are reliable. Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center is one of the top clinics in Dubai.

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