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Month: February 2018

lasik treatment in Dubai

If You Want To Be Involved In Sports, You Need To Consider Your Vision

You and your sports are one, nothing can get in the way. Whether it is family obligation or torrential rain, it will not stop you from getting into your pair of jogging shoes and going on your usual run. People who are sporting enthusiasts or who regularly enjoy physical activities Read More…

lasik in Dubai

Laser Eye Surgery For Shortsightedness

Are you shortsighted? Then, lasik treatment in Dubai is made for you. Shortsightedness also referred to as myopia was first treated using laser eye treatment to correct people with poor near vision. It is one of the most common refractive errors and is also one of the easiest to treat. Read More…

lasik in Dubai

Are There Long Term Effects Of Lasik Treatment

The first treatment for laser eye surgery was carried out a quarter century ago, so many people consider it a young procedure. It has exploded rapidly in popularity and millions of people have undergone lasik treatment since. There is always a sore point when it comes to talking about this Read More…

lasik in Dubai

Fitting Laser Eye Surgery Into Your Busy Schedule

How many times have you heard someone tell you, ‘it will only take half an hour’ and before you know it six hours have passed by and your day has just got busier with all the scheduled work left undone. When working in a company or as part of a Read More…