The first treatment for laser eye surgery was carried out a quarter century ago, so many people consider it a young procedure. It has exploded rapidly in popularity and millions of people have undergone lasik treatment since.
There is always a sore point when it comes to talking about this procedure. Sure, the experts can prove that there have been no recorded cases of known complications in all these years. However, it is performed on your eyes and most people are afraid of eye surgery. Can there be long-term effects you wonder?
It is always good to look at facts over fiction. There are countless websites promoting laser eye surgery, however, not all of them get it right. You need to visit a high quality eye clinic and speak to a qualified eye surgeon who will guide you through a step by step process of what the surgery is all about, and how it works to improve poor vision.
If you are worried about developing complications or suffering from long-term effects, it is good to know that currently patients have a less than 1% chance of something going wrong. A large part of ensuring the procedure has no complications whatsoever is to perform a thorough assessment. This involves undergoing numerous pre-screening tests and measurements. Thorough screening allows the eye surgeon to carry out Lasik in Dubai only on the most suitable candidates. Although there is a stringent of criteria, 95% of patients are generally eligible for Lasik treatment in Dubai.
At the end of 2017, laser eye surgery was at an all time high as stated by the experts. The complications were almost at zero. This is due to the latest technology and techniques used by eye surgeons today. There is no sense of wondering what might happen. If you go with a leading eye clinic then you can be rest assured you are in safe hands.