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good quality replica bags 3 points submitted 5 hours agoHello! i in the process of finishing upgrading my gear for my blm and i a bit conflicted right now. You see, i was planning on switching out my crafted ring this week for an augmented ring (thus only leaving me to get o9s earrings and augmented my necklace next week to finish everything) but after comparing them i starting to feel like i replica bags will be having a dmg loss over a dmg gain, since i will be losing crit/dh/ss (though i plan on melding ss to at least get back over 1450) for a +15 int again. I not sure if +15 int will offset all those loses so yeah, could anyone help me :sedit: thx for the insight guys! guess i will kick the crafted ring after all lolI currently thinking about starting to do savage content so i trying to prepare my gear beforehand, for reference this is what i using (mix of hydatos relic/gear, crafted ilvl 380 and genesis)rn i mostly worried if i should upgrade the crafted gear to ilvl390 or if it not worth the trouble as i will be “switching them out soon enough” replica bags dubai (idk if it possible to overmeld the augmented rakshaka gear as well), the reason why i mixing these gears is because i get the most optimal substats out of them (like for instance, the eureka hydatos pants gives worse total substats than my current crafted pants since it sacrifices a lot of spell speed for determination), though i sure the augmented rakshaka also has higher main stats (int/vit) so idk if they balance things out as well =/is my hp in a good range? not sure if i should switch to vit melds too.I still haven checked the new ivalice raid/augmented Scaevan stuff since i only came back recently and tried to focus on eureka for the relic, so if anyone has any gear tips i will gladly listen as well xD 3 points submitted 15 days agoUse “Create Combat Manuals” instead of sending home since you can have as many of those as you want, and they can still be used for merges or skill fodder, promoted to higher rarity, etc good quality replica bags.