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Month: October 2016


Astigmatism And LASIK Surgery

Occurring early in life often, astigmatism can be defined as an imperfection in the curve of the cornea in the eye or in the shape of the lens of the eye. Both the eye lens and the cornea are curved equally and smoothly in all directions which allow the light Read More…


What Makes It the Perfect Professional Eye Care?

When you are going to get any professional service you need that service to be perfect. You are getting professional service for that reason in the first place because if you were happy with any service you could use the help of someone new to the field as well. For Read More…

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Why the LASIK Treatment May Be The Best Option For You

While not everyone is clinically eligible to receive the LASIK Treatment, based on their vision and overall health conditions, those who are eligible for the treatment are usually reluctant to have their eyesight recovered by laser surgery. The main reason for this reluctance is the stigma among the ‘bespectacled’ community Read More…