The computer eye syndrome also known as computer vision syndrome (CVS) is being increasingly diagnosed in individuals all across the world. With the start of the digital age, there have come many dire implications on your wellbeing especially concerning the health of your eyes. This is especially true because your eyes are exposed to the blue light rays emitted from electronic screens that affect their functionality and fitness. All the reasons why CVS is a cause for concern to your eye health as per your eye doctor is detailed in-depth below for your reference.

Understanding The Causes

With new age and times come many technological adolescents that bring with it their own benefits and detriments. This is also true for computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones that are created to bring comfort and convenience to our lives yet bring serious implications to our health. As the screen is comparatively small to our visual capacity, the reduced area of concentration puts a strain on the eyes. 

In addition to this, your eyes are also exposed to blue light emissions from the screens that make the eyes work harder to gather images and information from the display. This continuous eye strain can lead to various other conditions from developing such as farsightedness which can worsen the health and capabilities of your eyes and in turn cause CVS. Improper positions, screen glare, distance as well as postures of the laptop and body can often lead to the condition from worsening faster. 

The Accompanying Symptoms

There are certain symptoms that can help you identify if you suffer from CVS on a daily basis such as continuous eye strain, headaches and distorted vision. The blurry vision in particular can be an evident system after sitting in front of a computer screen for long enough time. The pain can also extend to your neck and shoulders implying improper posture maintained while using the digital display. 

Dry eyes are another symptom that can help diagnose the syndrome. An ophthalmologist at an eye clinic can take into account all of these factors and help diagnose the condition for your benefit and receive appropriate eyewear and care that will help treat CVS.

The Adverse Implications

As soon as the computer eye syndrome is diagnosed, you are susceptible to many other eye disorders given the lifestyle you pursue. Spending more than two to three hours of time on a daily abscess on your laptop can lead to the development of the syndrome which can cause farsightedness along with chronic dry eyes that need constant care and medication. 

The constricted movement of your eyes can also lead to a greater level of inactivity that can weaken your eye muscles and eventually make them susceptible to degeneration. The blood being circulated to the adjacent vessels will also be affected given the low expanse of movement used by the eye to maintain vision. 

As your eye lenses are also expanding and constricted in a restrictive range, they can also lose a great variety of functions over time and become defenseless to other complications. To avoid these adverse implications, it is advised to give your eyes sufficient care and rest every day by taking breaks from work and study and getting a full night’s sleep along with balanced nutrition. 

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