If you start your day with a hunt for your glasses, you know it’s not going to be a good day. It is frustrating enough to wake up and virtually see nothing except for blurry shadows, now you cannot find your glasses and the blurriness is not going away. You left it on the bedside cupboard but they seemed to have gone for a walk. You check in the bathroom, it is not there. You pop into the kitchen, no, you cannot see them. Now you are starting to get frustrated. You head back half an hour later to the bedside cupboard and lo and behold they are right there, come back after its walk of course.


After years of this exact scenario played out in different variations, maybe you feel it is time to change course and give contact lenses a try. You figure nothing is worse than wearing glasses. You find out you couldn’t be more wrong. With contact lenses you have a foreign object inside your eyes all day long. That makes you feel uncomfortable. You have traded in your glasses for contact lenses and the problems don’t get any better.


And instead of going on a treasure hunt each morning, you are now faced with a different set of problems. Contact lenses can lead to irritation, infections and dry eyes. You are back again to seeing blurry shadows. And all this before the morning starts. With glasses, at least, you didn’t have any of these problems. You could put them on and take them off whenever you felt like it. And no, you didn’t have to put them away carefully at night in a liquid solution.


Most people go from glasses to contact lenses and repeat this cycle time and again. It takes time to figure out what you need is a long term solution to correct your vision. These are just temporary visual aids. Having exhausted the alternatives and experienced the drawbacks, you have to ask yourself why not consider Lasik treatment which has a 96% success rate, with over 35 million people worldwide who have already opted for this procedure?


If you want to improve the quality of vision, and have a go at more opportunities, job prospects and save money in the long run, Lasik treatment in Dubai is the solution you are looking for. It takes time for people to realize this, but once you do you will know that nothing beats having clear and accurate vision.