Everyone has doubts and fears when considering Lasik treatment. After all, surgery is performed on your eyes and there’s always an element of risk involved. To clear up your understanding on what laser eye surgery is all about; let’s look at some hard facts to put your mind at ease before treatment.

You will go blind

No, you will not go blind. This is the most common myth associated with Lasik treatment. It is unlikely to happen. Statistics indicate the success rate of Lasik treatment in Dubai stands at 96%. This makes it impossible to measure the figures. For instance, it is like saying 1 in 5 million may be at risk.


Side effects are temporary

Yes, side effects are mild. Most patients who undergoing this treatment may experience mild side effects which is a normal part of the process. For instance, dry eyes or light sensitivity are associated as temporary side effects of Lasik treatment. However, they disappear before you know it.


Minor visual complication statistics are at 0.1%

Complication rate is hard to pin in laser eye surgery. However, Lasik treatment in Dubai has been named one of the safest surgeries in the world. And for a minor visual complication to occur it would take a very unlikely series of events.


It is safe and effective

Yes, it is a safe and effective procedure. Since laser eye surgery was first introduced 25 years ago, 35 million people have undergone this treatment. This should be proof enough that even after decades of treatment, laser eye surgery has stood the test of time and continues to offer patients with poor vision an opportunity to regain their vision and have accurate and healthy eyes.


The procedure is pain free

There is no pain in Lasik treatment. It is minimally invasive and takes just 15 minutes per eye. You may feel slight pressure when the flap is created, but your surgeon will apply anesthetic drops which will keep you from feeling any pain from beginning to end.


Patients achieve 20/20

Statistics have indicated 96% of patients achieve 20/20 or 20/16 vision which is the visual acuity standard. Even patients with dry eyes or high prescription are known to achieve these outcomes.


It is safer than contact lenses

It is safe to say laser eye treatment is safer than putting a foreign object inside your eye. The reality of contact lenses is it can lead to irritation or infection. In Lasik treatment, on the other hand, complications are rare and almost unheard of.