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canada goose uk black friday A small porcelain shoe made in Japan (MIJ). This is a knock off of a shoe that was available from Home of Gifts, Mayer Arlington Va. in the early 1950s. The details of the hand painted flowers on the last and on the top back of the slipper have been changed, and all the flowers are painted on slightly raised surfaces instead of being individually attached as in the original. However the overall dotted pattern found in the original heel has been hand applied and is raised on the copy. canada goose uk black friday

3 1/8 inches in length and 2 1/8 inches in height, 1 1/8 inch in width. The shoe is in excellent condition, canada goose outlet toronto location with no cracks, chips or other damage.

canada goose uk shop This shoe is noted in Collectible Glass Shoes Second Edition by Earlene Wheatley, Scroeder Books Publishing Co., Inc. 2001. It estimated collectors price in 2001 was $20.00 according to the Wheatley reference. Approximate collectors value now is $30.00. canada goose uk shop

The canada goose jacket uk mens shoe has the imprint JAPAN and a double diamond above the heel on the back of the shoe. There is an imperfection at this site in the ceramic a factory imperfection, not a chip. (Factory imperfections do not lower the value of collector shoes). There are no cracks or crazing.

The shoe also has a stamp on the sole, simply JAPAN, in black ink.

canada goose store Estimated date of manufacture, pre WWII shoe. Estimated collector value is $40.00 $45.00. canada goose store

canada goose Information from Collectible Glass Shoes Second Edition by Earlene Wheatley, Schroeder Publishing Co., Inc. (2001) and personal interviews and papers. canada goose

Elves on Shoes, Made in Japan 047

This is a pair of ceramic high heeled canada goose outlet store locations shoes manufactured in Japan. They are dated from the 1950s kitschy era. Each shoe is decorated with an elf, one dressed in yellow, the other in pink. Much of the paint has worn off, notably the clothing and the bows which were canada goose outlets uk once red. Each elf has a large brown bump on its forehead. Canada Goose Coats On Sale (?) The faces, however, are in excellent condition.

canadian goose jacket The shoes each measure 3 in length, 3 in height and 1 5/8 in width. There are no chips, cracks or crazing. The detailing is not sharp, but the outlines are evident. canadian goose jacket

Note the odd brown forehead but also notice the delicate painted eyelashes.

The stamp in red reads JAPAN. This pair of shoes is part of the original Lillian P Wood Memorial Collection and dates from the early 1950s.

The estimated collector value is $18.00 canada goose outlet store near me to $24.00 for the pair.

Information from The Collector Guide to Made in Japan Ceramics by Carole Bess White published by Collectors Books, a division of Schroeder Publishing Co., Inc. in 1996 and personal records.

Canada Goose Parka Vintage Art Pottery Baby Shoe canada goose outlet uk fake 033 Canada Goose Parka

buy canada goose jacket A very nicely made pink, pottery bootie, with impressions for eyelets on both edges and shoe strings. The tongue hangs over the vamp of the shoe. buy canada goose jacket

The shoe is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or crazing though shoes of this age always seem to look a little dusty, even when clean. There are the typical imperfections from firing which do not adversely affect the condition of the shoe.

canada goose uk outlet Here the detail is seen. The shoe measures 4 long, 2 1/2 high and 2 wide. canada goose uk outlet

This baby shoe was given to Lillian P Wood in January 1950. on the sole refers to Chloe Prante who was a member of the Northeast Garden Club in Quincy, IL with Lillian. The price, $1.00, is marked on the toe in light pencil.

There are no imprints or marks on this bootie, but it does appear to be of the quality seen in the mid range US art potteries. Most of these shoes were not marked. These type of planters are plentiful and estimated value is $8 to $15.

Information regarding pottery shoes found in Collectible Glass Shoes by Earlene Wheatley, published by Schroeder Publishing, 2001. Other information obtained from personal papers and interviews with BJ.

canada goose coats This light blue baby shoe official canada goose outlet has an open tongue and mild impressions of eyelets on the upper edge of the shoe. It also has impressions of creases on the vamp or upper and lines where the individual pieces would have joined. It is made of a moderately good grade of porcelain and it lightweight. There are no chips, cracks or crazing on the shoe. canada goose coats

The shoe measures 4 5/8 in length, 3 7/8 in height and is 2 1/8 wide. Although it looks as if it could have been used as a planter, it is clean and unused canada goose outlet factory in the interior.

The shoe is decorated with flower sprigs on both sides. On the vamp is a souvenir picture of a building and street scene. The shoe is marked NEW ORLEANS, LA above the scene and LACE BALCONIES below the scene. This is a well visited tourist stop in the French Quarter of New Orleans. These balconies are very lovely. This shoe is marked with the LA abbreviation for Louisiana so it was made after 1964.

cheap Canada Goose The label is intact and on the sole of the heel. Silver and black, it says IN QUALITY JAPAN SPIN original. There is no information regarding the SPIN original name on the internet or in the research books. However, recently there canada goose outlet are two pieces of this brand products on eBay a girl figurine in very good condition that sold for $8.50 and a figural dog with a small chip that sold for $5.00. Neither, however, were souvenir pieces. cheap Canada Goose

This shoe is in excellent condition and has souvenir value as well. With its intact mark and the name of the Japanese maker labeled on the shoe its value will be higher than shoes without these features. Estimated collector value is $15 to $20 dollars. Its manufacturing date is probably in the late 1960s and 1970s, making this shoe approximately 35 to 40 years old

Information canada goose black friday offers regarding porcelain versus pottery figural and shoes in in Collectible Glass Shoes by Earlene Wheatley, published by Schroeder Publishing, 2001. Other information from personal papers of BP.