Tired of your dorky looking glasses? Irritated with the hassle of putting your contact lenses on and off? Or overwhelmed with the time to time investment your choice of eye wear requires? Then you my friend need a permanent solution to end your worries once and for all!
Eye doctors in Dubai offer patients an opportunity to break free from their glasses and retain perfect vision through Lasik Surgery!

Lasik Surgery – What’s that?

Lasik Surgery has been designed to correct the vision of patients suffering from Myopia, Hyperopia and astigmatisms as far as possible. The procedure is minimally invasive as it adopts the use of a laser. In Lasik Surgery an excimer laser is used.
Patients who are petrified by the idea of surgery do not need to be worried or hesitant, as this procedure is minimally invasive and is incredibly effective.

What is the Criterion for Treatment?

To gain better vision, candidates must meet a certain criteria; to determine whether their eyes are suitable for the procedure and healthy enough to bear the impact of the surgery.
For Lasik Surgery a patient should have:

  • Healthy eyes which are free from infections or any diseases.
  • A Thick Cornea
  • Stable Vision and a fixed prescription for over a year
  • A reasonable sized pupil, as patients with large pupils have shown to develop complications post treatment
  • Moist and well Hydrated Eyes

This is just a rough outline as to what requirement your eye doctor will be looking for. Your eye doctor alone can determine whether Lasik Surgery is the best route of treatment for your particular condition or not. Conduct a thorough consultation with him before making a final decision.

The Surgery Itself

Lasik Surgery in Dubai has gained immense popularity, particularly due to its simple and minimally invasive procedure, which eventually leads to a short and painless recovery period. Patients can actually resume to their daily activities within a day or two after the surgery, and are normally discharged the very same day.
Doctors however do advise patients to avoid activities that put pressure on their eyes or strain them in any way. Post the surgery the eyes need time to recover and heal. For this purpose patients should take things slow:

  • Avoid Driving
  • Do not read in dim light
  • Limit the use of electronic gadgets: TV’s, Laptops, Tablets and Smart phones

In most cases Lasik Surgery in Dubai has managed to significantly improve the eyesight of individuals and the results have been permanent. But Yes, like any other form of treatment there is a slim chance of complications that may cause your vision to deteriorate overtime after being improved.
Discuss all the possible outcomes of having Lasik Eye Surgery performed with your eye doctor and surgeon, and only when you are fully satisfied with what you are having done agree to the treatment – Though honestly speaking the simplistic approach of Lasik really minimizes the need to worry about anything!