Having over 30 years of experience in the industry, we got a laser eye surgery for your eye condition. Our clinic provides a number of different types of Lasik eye surgeries that will cater to your specific situation.

One of our most popular types of Lasik Surgeries is the Femto Lasik. If you are suffering from long sightedness, short sightedness or astigmatism and you are between the age of 18 and 60, the Femto Lasik is the ideal option for you. Extensive research and follow-up protocol has been carried in relation to this surgery, which ensures that this is a very safe option for patients. This method has been proved to be successful in 98% of the situations. This process involves the cutting of the thin flap of the cornea’s surface, thereafter; the Excimer laser will resolve any flaws. You will easily hesitate to go forward with this treatment because it involves cutting the thin flap of the cornea. However, we can ensure that this is a safe process and we will take all the necessary steps in order to minimize any risks involved. We also promise to take precautions to minimize the risk of infection.

Ultralasik is the perfect option for you if you are seeking to make your vision perfect. The Ultralasik along with the custom wavefront, is aimed at creating a thin flap on the front surface of the eye. A laser beam will pass through the outer layers of the cornea to place the flap at the exact position. This process is done with careful precision, which makes the process immune to mistakes or any complications.

Epi-LASIK is a combination of LASIK and LASEK. During a LASIK surgery a sharp blade or a laser is used to cut the cornea. LASEK also cuts the flap as thinly as possible. Epi-LASIK does the same activity, but using blunt plastic oscillating blade. LASEK used alcohol to loosen the epithelial flap, whereas, Epi-LASIK uses an epithelial separator. This method is the best for people with corneas that are not too steep and those with mild myopia.

PresbyLasik concerns a process that intends to change the shape of the cornea to remedy short and long sightedness. This treatment involves multifocality, which creates more than one power zone on the front surface of the eye, solving both long sightedness and short sightedness. With multifocality you will be able to see at all distances.
Come to us with any impairment in your eyes and we will guide you through the various laser treatments available.