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Hermes Replica Bags (Image: Manchester Evening News)Get the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersAndrew Cardwell, director of Cardwell’s estate agents, said: “Bury has a superb countryside, a greatly improved town centre including the historic Bury market, superb travel links via motorway and Metrolink, popular schools and colleges, excellent employment replica hermes sunglasses opportunities and wonderful leisure, sport and recreational facilities.”Where are the best places to live? Bury is surrounded by a number of small, traditional villages scattered across the stunning fields.So for those looking for a hermes watch band replica taste of the Last of the Summer replica hermes dogon wallet Wine, then Holcombe might be your best bet.The quaint cobble stoned village is home to some of the areas most historic buildings, such as Hey House, dating back to the De Trafford family in 17th century.Similarly Tottington is another picturesque setting with a mix of traditional cottage style terraces and a number of independent shops and cafes.(Image: Manchester Evening News)Prestwich has always been popular with families wanting to be close to the vibrant city centre but keep that sense of community spirit.Businesses are starting to notice, taking advantage of cheaper rents and opening up chic restaurants and bars in the town centre, it is home to the likes of Guy Garvey.Laurence Juster, from Michael Herwald Co, said: “Prestwich now has a ‘buzz’ about it with wine bars like Cuckoo and All the Shapes among the most popular, match that with restaurants like Croma, Solita, and Tao’s, all offering a taste of the world’s food on our doorstep.”In recent years Ramsbottom has become increasingly popular, offering a more rural setting but with still tons to keep you entertained.Christ Church Primary is also another great choice, receiving top marks in its most recent inspection.And in terms of secondary schools there are a number of top choices, with fee paying Bury Grammar catering for both girls and boys and St Gabriel’s RC High also judged to be Outstanding.While the Kings School which is just outside the borough, in Manchester, is also a popular Jewish faith school and offers primary education right through to A Levels.House prices? The average house in Bury will set you back which is almost more than neighbouring Bolton.If you’re looking for a starter home or to start a family then you can pick up a terraced house for just which is an increase of more than in the last year.(Image: Manchester Evening News)Larger families however, looking for a semi can expect to pay around which is still less than the average for a home in the hermes replica original leather borough.However, with such a large area, prices vary drastically and according to local estate agents, the sky’s the limit.One estate agent said that they had recently sold a detached property in Lowerscroft for While if you are intent on splashing the cash then there is a four bedroom property on the market, in Birtle, for an eye watering Food and drink? Ramsbottom has a variety of cafes and restaurants clustered around the town centre including The Lounge, Lolo’s, The Chocolate Cafe and Owens, as well as a regular farmer’s market.Sue Blackmore, from Belvoir Sales and Lettings, Bury, said: “There is an abundance of choice of family friendly pubs, restaurants, bars and cafes around the town, with an influx of new options opening all the time. From the Hare Hounds and Hoysters at Holcombe Brook, to The Shoulder of Mutton and Malia Indian Restaurant in Holcombe Village.”The Chocolate Caf While Prestwich is currently seeing a huge amount invested in the town, with a number of new bars and caf opening up on Bury Old Road.Stuart Pearson, from Pearson Ferrier, said: “There are a number of bars and restaurants ranging from traditional pubs such as the ever popular Church Inn to “trendier” bars such as Grape to Grain. Prestwich is extremely well off for affordable good quality restaurants such as Solita home of the Big Manc to quality Italians like Croma.” Hermes Replica Bags.