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Lasik Care

Streamlight Lasik

Streamlight Lasik Streamlight Lasik is the new advanced technology at Ebsaar Eye Surgery Center, the waveLight EX 500 Excimer Laser STREAMLIGHT Read More »

Lasik Surgery Procedure

LASIK surgery is an ambulatory procedure which only takes less than five minutes and performed while you are fully awake. As quick as it may be, Read More »

Are You A Candidate?

LASIK Evaluation Before performing laser surgery, series of tests will have to be conducted to make sure that you qualify for the treatment. Read More »

Types Of Lasik Surgeries

Femto Lasik One of the most popular methods of doing away with eyeglasses is the latest eye laser technology, Femto-Lasik. It is a procedure that Read More »

Lasik Surgery Benefits

Immediate Results Compared to other solutions, LASIK treatment boasts of giving almost instant results. Patients usually come out with improved Read More »


Get Clear Vision With FemtoLASIKtm Are You Suffering From Blurry Vision? Are you experiencing blurry visions? You may already be suffering from Read More »