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From a financial standpoint you would be way better off than what you doing now. In Houghton or Calumet you don take the subway on a banker salary like in Manhattan and you don live in a shipping container on an engineer salary like the Bay Area. You won go though because winter in the Keweenaw is still a bear and most people don want to deal with it.

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canada goose uk shop Edit 2: Also to clarify to all the people in comments arguing about the grind, and how long it should take, or how effective perfect rolled items are, this post is literally about the title, not any of that. And the change to weapon mods become just what i thought, a boring slap on and forget from actually have some planning mechanic to it when building i have no idea why tf they did this. Trying out the patriot set atm but i can c any reason what so ever to use any of the sets tbh canada goose uk shop.