People want to have perfect vision nowadays. Whether you are a computer technician, sports player or student, you don’t want to the hassle of having to wear prescription glasses. After all, it is important you are able to see clearly. In those days, people had limited choice to correct their vision. It was either glasses or contact lenses. It is not the case now. Laser eye surgery is a popular and safe choice with perfected medical precision and increased financing opportunities.

Lasik is all about safety. It is one of the safest procedures to correct poor vision. It has low complication, risks and is an incredible permanent solution that will heal your eyes in just a few days. Contact lenses, on the other hand, pose many risks to the wearer. When you place a foreign object in your eye on a daily basis it can collect tiny bacteria or particles of dust. Even with proper hygiene and care this can lead to irritation or infection. And if improper care is practiced like not washing your hands or falling asleep with the lens on, it can lead to further risks. With Lasik procedure, none of these complications will arise. Al it takes is a couple of days rest and you are good to go.

You may be worried about Lasik eye surgery. You don’t have to be. It is only natural to feel apprehension to have surgery performed on your eyes. But, the surgery itself is simple and quick. It is a painless procedure that may cause some discomfort at most. You won’t feel anything during surgery except for slight pressure. However, if you are nervous you should bring a companion with you on surgery day. It is also good you don’t drive back after surgery and instead be driven home.

Would you have to take time off? You don’t have to, if you are unable to. This is the convenience of getting Lasik done. You don’t need to take weeks off just for surgery. We recommend you take 2 days at most, a day prior to surgery and one day post surgery. In reality, this is all the time you need to recuperate and get back to real life. For patients who have the option of taking more than 2 days, it will be highly beneficial. It is advised you don’t use makeup or go swimming in the first few weeks after Lasik eye surgery.

And the relief that comes with being able to see again is monumental. If you can do away with the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses, we suspect many people will jump at the thought. To rectify your vision with minimal hassle is unimaginable, when only a few decades ago eye surgery was a complicated procedure. Lasik is as safe and simple as it gets. It is pain free and best of all it is permanent. You don’t have to worry about glasses or lenses for a long time.