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uk canada goose outlet “It a reflection of the fact that we do have some people who have heinous motives,” he told reporters in Canberra. “Unfortunately we live in a world where there are people wherever they live, whatever their background, whatever their beliefs who are fundamentalists intent on disrupting what we do.”I would caution overstating any link between those two events.”Mr canada goose outlet germany Morrison said the government had received reports suggesting any link between the arrest and the service was inconclusive.The prime minister said normal security arrangements were in place and the services would go ahead as normal.The man has been named in Turkish media as Syrian national Abdulkarim Hilef, aged 25.Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, who is seeking security briefings on the arrest, said the situation should not deter Australians from attending Anzac Day services canada goose outlet overseas.”Just because there are terrorists in the world, we can’t let them win by discouraging us from travelling,” he told reporters in Darwin.”Anzac Day is a sacred day. We can’t afford to let these extremists discourage us.”He said the “marvellous” canada goose outlet vancouver tradition of Australians, particularly young people, travelling to former World War I battlefields abroad should be maintained.Veterans’ Affairs Minister Darren Chester said Australia was maintaining its travel advice urging people to exercise a high level of caution in Turkey.Turkish nationals canada goose black friday instagram were banned from attending the dawn service at Gallipoli, which will be attended by Australia’s Chief of the Defence Force Angus Campbell, due to heightened security fears.”It’s not unprecedented that Turkish nationals, local citizens are discouraged from attending the service that’s occurred previously,” Mr Chester said.”It’s a reflection of the fact that we do have some people who have heinous motives,” he told reporters in Canberra.. canada goose outlet jackets uk canada goose outlet

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