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I don even need to be batman , I just get a gun and blast him without a word.StoneStringGood at trivial tasks 6 points submitted 2 days agoCouple of months ago I started watching Critical Role on recommendation from a friend. At first I didn see the appeal on watching someone else game of DnD but I soon became emotionally invested in the dysfunctional group of assholes that is the Mighty Nein.For those not in the know, Critical Role is a show about a group of voice actors (most of which you have definitely heard by following the SBFP) playing DnD with Matt Mercer serving as dungeon master. According to legend, while attending a wrap up party for a project they had worked on, Matt Mercer mentioned that he hosted a weekly roleplaying game with other voice actors to a producer friend who then asked him if they would like to play the game in front of the camera and stream it on twitch.

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